Custom Made Afghans, Blankets and Hats.


by a Cackalacky native


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Carolinian owned and operated • Private • Donation-based (non-501(c)(3) • Crowdfunded

The Story

Freedom N’ Coffee is a Carolinian owned and operated, private, donation-based (non-501(c)(3)) and crowdfunded business. The business is owned by Zee, the daughter of a marine who has found her own voice in giving back by doing what she has come to love; helping those who need to see a brighter picture know they are not alone. She makes her own blankets, scarves, and hats based off prayer and video classes that teach semi challenging patterns.

Zee is a Cacakalacky native through and through who loves her Southeastern roots, but above it all loves the Lord and how He has taught her the true meaning of being an artist right where you are no matter what you maybe facing. Letting Him guide her hands and fingers across each stitch to see the bigger picture even when the stitches and rows don’t turn out the way you think they should go.

Think of Freedom N’ Coffee like a mobile coffee shop. When she delivers your custom blanket, Zee will sit down, share a cup of coffee with you, and have a chat. Freedom N’ Coffee is not just an online business but it is a mobile business where not only customers but backers, investors, and donors can reach Zee in person through prearranged meetings in public places.

She has learned the best way to say thank you is serve those who have served their country by giving of time, energy and passion in what you love to do which for me it’s crocheting and intercession. Which is what takes place in making each custom crafted peice.

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